Youths Broadcast a Better Future

Youths Broadcast a Better Future
A Radio Program for Youth and by Youth

Our challenge: to build a platform for consulting and analyzing severe situations of violence; to break the bond of silence; to enable the youngsters themselves to influence their peers to build a better future.

What we are doing:

A radio program for youth in which Jewish and Arab high school students from disadvantaged areas in Jaffa act as agents of change in coping with violence:

  • They develop and produce a radio program through their media major at a high school in Jaffa.
  • The program presents data about the scope, frequency and severity of violent and risk behaviors.
  • The young people analyze cases of violent events from daily life. They have at their disposal a team of experts who assist in presenting ways to prevent violence.

The goal – what we achieve:

  • The youths act as ambassadors aiming to cope with violence.
  • Media majors acquire professional hands-on practice in a context that is relevant to the world of youth.
  • The youngsters develop suitable contents for youth their own age, with coordination and guidance given by our experts from "Secure Future".

Project partners:

  • "Secure Future" – assigning a facilitator and a professional manager who also takes part as an expert in the program; supervision – by "Secure Future" volunteer professionals.
  • The school – assigning a coordinator; operating a weekly radio program through the school's major in media and radio studies.

Outcomes and achievements:

  • Youth speak to youth; activating, involving and motivating them.
  • Youngsters build a meaningful tool and influence their listeners to take on a meaningful role in creating their future and that of Israeli society.
  • Youngsters learn to work through a media platform and to exercise social responsibility.

One of every four children is at risk! We must and we can save many of our children from harm.
Your generous contribution will help youth broadcast the message loud and clear. Prevention means saving our children.
The programs costs: 20,000$ per year.

Thank you on behalf of the youngsters you will be helping.

Our challenge is to create a secure future, to save children from violence, drugs and alcohol. One example is the program currently being run in Migdal Haemek, an outlying northern town.

What we provide:

  • Empowerment and a toolbox for coping with violence against children and youth.
  • Developing a city-wide climate for prevention of risk behaviors.
  • Maximal reduction of the rate of local violence.

What we are doing to save our children from violence:

■ Activating children and youth as partners in developing a friendly environment where they feel protected: Six schools numbering 3,000 students work on this subject in six different events during the school year, such as presenting information in the classrooms, simulations encouraging cooperation, coping with pressure and anger management.

Operating select teams of young leaders as ambassadors for a better society: the young people initiate and lead activities for preventing violence, for example: "adopting" and mentoring younger children; working for the cause of fairness in sport on the playing fields; preparing presentations, video clips and radio programs. The participants – 10 groups totaling 200 youths, each group operating at least two major initiatives.

Operating a leading city-wide Youth Council, composed of 30 youth representatives from all of the town's neighborhoods and youth clubs, who drive community projects such as, disseminating information pamphlets at shopping centers on "how to live together in peace".

The Youth Council initiates and leads a city-wide "family day" promoting a secure future free of violence, in which they prepare a booklet containing games and activities for every school; hang outdoor signs; give out magnets with "tips" for the family – all to create a safe, secure home and a pleasant atmosphere.

Parental workshops and joint parent-child sessions: tools and ways of improving communication in the family and managing anger. Participants: 1,500 parents and children from 4 schools.

Interactive internet website enables children to seek advice from experts on how to behave in situations of violence, and provides information to parents and professionals. The website is active 4 hours per day, supported by 5 experts.

Mapping the rate of violence and risk behaviors in town and initiating research.

Advertising and spreading information for deepening awareness and creating a climate free of violence.

Coaching, advising and guiding the municipal steering committee, professional committees, school principals and leadership teams, numbering 350 participants throughout the year to build a climate of zero tolerance to violence.

This is the third consecutive year of the program in Migdal Haemek, and the achievements are impressive!
The figures come from data in Migdal Haemek and Karmiel.

One out of every four children is at risk! We must and we can save many of our children from harm.
Your generous contribution will help us save them.
The programs costs $120,000 per year.
Thank you on behalf of the youngsters you will be helping.