Chairman of the Elrov Group  

Akirov Alfred


Belter, Gutt, Alony et al  

Belter Moshe, Adv.


Prof. Emeritus for Information Systems, Faculty of Management, TAU  

Borovich Israel, Prof.


CEO of I. Bernitzki and Sons Inc. Bernitzki Dan
Former President of the Manufacturers Association of Israel  

Brosh Shraga


CEO and Owner of Eldan



Dahan Yossi


Chairman of the Board, "Nesher"



Dotan Amnon


Managing Partner, Gideon Fisher & Co Law Firm Fisher Gideon, LL.M
Former Vice President of Motorola Inc., Honorary President – Commercial Industrial Club Guzman Rami


Founding Partner of GKH Law Firm  

Gross Yoseph, Prof.


Aharon, Shtern et al, Honorary President of the Commercial and Industrial club  

Jaime Aharon, Adv.


Partner, JPV VC FUND, Managing Partner Kozlovski Law Firm Kozlovski Nimrod, DR. ADV.


Levi Itzhak. General Manager  

Levi itzhak


President of the Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce and of the Union of Commerce Chambers  

Lean Uriel, Adv.


Chairman of the Board, Osem  

Proper Dan

Lodzeia Rotex Investment Inc.  

Rotlevi Yair

Commissioner for capital markets, insurances and savings  

Salingar Dorit


Actor Topol Chaim