Securing Children's Future in our Town

The program "Secure Future in our Town" is a comprehensive set of programs in the city, to reduce the rate of violence and to continually improve the well-being of children and youth in the city. This empowerment program supports the populations that take care of children and youth – parents, educators, and counselors, in order to create social change. The program encourages personal and social growth amongst the younger population, and engages in violence and risk behavior prevention among children and youth in the city. The uniqueness of the program lies in engaging the entire local community in a shared joint action.


Our vision is to create a secure future for the children and youth in the community characterized by a positive social climate, solidarity, and the reduction of violence.

Atid Batuah works in full partnership and cooperation with relevant municipal systems, in the form of steering committees. This allows for the pooling of resources, identifying and overcoming barriers, and building action plans while examining the totality of the challenges at hand. The program’s partners and supporters include: Rothschild Ceasaria Foundation, Kasirer Foundation, Bank Hapoalim, local authorities, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College.

The steering committees include municipal staff led by the mayor and steering committees of the education, welfare, and health systems accompanied by the police. The steering committee system allows everyone to systematically and comprehensively work together along with the local education system. We place a significant emphasis on strengthening the leaders, parents, and educators of the younger generation, developing youth leaders in both formal and informal education, and promoting activities of children from the elementary to the high school level in order to create a secure environment free of violence. The program is in its third year of operation in Migdal HaEmek- that was awarded the annual prize by the Ministry of Education in 2010 –  and has also begun in Yafo, Carmiel, Tirat Carmel, Ashekon, and several Arab villages.


  •  To empower and develop a toolbox for coping with violence, drug abuse and alcohol consumption among children and youth.
  •   To create a municipal climate across all organizations and systems that rejects violence and risk   behaviors.
  •  To reduce the number and rate of violence, drug and alcohol abuse.

Program Components:

  •  Mapping city needs.
  •  Consultation, advertising,, and creating partnerships with the relevant parties.
  •  Selecting young leadership groups initiating and leading activities for the prevention of violence.
  •  Leadership by the Municipal Youth Council: representatives from every community, the youth and sports movements and clubs of the city and other operators of community initiatives participate in activities against violence.
  •   Workshops and meetings for parents and their children.
  •  Interactive website allowing children to receive professional consultation.



Opportunities for strategic collaboration:

  •  Funding community’s activities in a city of disadvantaged population: Yearly cost for the program in five different elementary schools or city youth councils: 250,000 NIS per year.
  •  Funding on the school level: cost of a yearly school program is 25,000 NIS per year.


We offer a unique combination between an effective concept that brings results and the involvement of leaders of Israeli society, contributing their experience and abilities to the program’s success.


From right to left: Professon Yair Orgler, Mr. Alfred Akirov, Ms. Sarah Arenson, Admiral (ret.) Abraham Ben Shoshan and his wife, Ms. Mira Friedman Hemmo, Gen. (ret.) David Ivry


From right to left: Mr. Abraham Hemmo, Ms. Mira Friedman Hemmo, Chairman Eli Fischer, Professor Ara Yonah, Mr. Ron Huldai, Gen. (ret.) David Ivry