Board Members

 Ivry David, Maj. Gen. (ret.)Honorary Chairman – Atid-Batuah

President, Boeing Israel.

Former Duties: Commander of the Israeli Air Force, Ambassador of Israel to the US, Director-General, Ministry of Defense

* Friedman Hemmo Mira Chairperson, Atid-Batuah

Co. C.E.O – H.E.M.O Safety Center, Honorary President – Commercial Industrial Club

* Hemmo Abraham, Col (ret.) Honorary Founder Owner & C.E.O – H.E.M.O Safety-Center

Former Duties: Commander, Israel Police Force – Head of Juvenile Delinquency Department, District-Governor, Rotary, 2002/3 – Zone 2490

*Avrahami Benjamin, M.ED, Ph.D Former Director, Tel Aviv Municipality, Anti Drug And Alcohol Authority
* Ben Shushan Avraham, Maj. Gen. (ret.) Former Duties: Commander of the Israeli Navy. CEO, the Tel-Aviv development foundation. Chairman of the Elem foundation for youth in distress in Israel. Director General, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.
* Geller Etti Volunteer

* Kotlerman Simon Volunteer

* Levin Ami Volunteer

*GuterDavidson Sara Former Duties: Secretary of the Board of Directors, the Israel Electric Company
* Har Even Aby, Col. (ret.) Former Duties: Director General, Israel Space Agency (ISA). Division Head, the Israeli Satellite Launcher Shavit project in IAI
* Lichtenzon Zeev, ADV Creative Marketing Communication & Strategy Expert, Chairman, Lichtenzon Group
* Meron Avraham, CPA Accountant, Advisor
* Nevo Azriel, Brig.Gen (ret.) Chief military adjutant of 4 Prime Ministers. Chairman, Levinsky College of Education
* Orgler Yair, Ph.D Professor Emeritus, The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Tel Aviv University
* Peri Avi, Col (ret.) Former role- Commanding Officer, Mamram Technological Department, IDF. VC Fund Chairman, CEO & General manager with dozens of Hi-Tech and Startup companies
* Peres Yoni, V.MD Veterinarian, Founder and manager of the "Veterinarian Center in the Village" Veterinarian Hospital
* Porath Ziva Former Duties: CEO , the Netanya Development Fund; owner and CEO, a Haute Couture Exporting factory
* Ross GideonVolunteer
* Tam Susanne Provides Support to organizations from all sectors in planning, writing and implementing a custom-tailored Effective Organizational Ethics Program, Holds an MBA (Major in finance) and formally the CEO of the Israeli chapter of Transparency International
* Wilk Yehuda CEO of Derech Erehtz
* Zifroni Avi, Ph.D Former Duties: Head of the Education values division, Intl. ORT
* Zivony Rami CEO, Malam-Team Computers & Systems. CEO, Various Start Up Companies. Director and Consultant, Various High Tech Companies

*Dajczman Haim  Principal Thelma Yellin. High School Of The Arts.

*Fikhte Guy Volunteer.

*Hod Eitan  Former Owner and CEO of Gestetnertec Ltd, Israel.

*Levy Menashe, C.P.A.

*Sedbon Yosef, Maj. Gen. (ret.) Adv. Vice President Ramt-Gan College. Former roles- Head of investigation department and Tel Aviv District commander, Israel Police.

*Gad Yoav Retired pilot. formerly a businessman, owner and CEO of an import and marketing company, Until recently a volunteer and leading member of the Tzahala project for Youth at chance.
* Dotan Amnon Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Israel. Chairman of investment consulting firm. Former Chairman of Readymix Israel Ltd., Nesher Cement Enterprises, Taavura Holdings. Honorary President of the Israel Federation of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Honorary President of the Israel-British Chamber of Commerce