Members of General Assembly and Board of Directors

Members of General Assembly and Board of Directors


Ivry David, Honorary Chairman – Atid-Batuah, Gen. (ret.)

President Boeing Israel. Former roles: Commander of the IAF, Ambassador of Israel to the USA, Director-General of the Ministry of Defense


Friedman Hemmo Mira, Chairperson, Atid-Batuah, Co. C.E.O – H.E.M.O Safety Center, Honorary President – Commercial Industrial Club


Gabbay Ezra | Managing Partner
Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer, Earnest & Young, Israel


Alkalay Mathilda, Owner and CEO of Alkalay Inc


Arenson Avie


Arenson Sarah, , a co-founder of the department for the history of maritime civilizations at the University of Haifa. active in the preservation of the coastal environment.


Arkin Doris, M.A in Clinical Child Psychology. Sculptor and Chairperson of the "Basis" School of Sculpture and Painting


Assaf Abraham
Chairman of Amanet Management & Systems ltd


Avrahami Benjamin, M.Ed. Ph.D . Former Director Of Tel Aviv Municipality Anti Drug And Alcohol Authority


Ben Baruch Suzi


Ben-Porath Amihud, Adv


Ben Shoshan Abraham, Admiral (res). The Tel Aviv FoundationDirector General.
Former roles: Commander of IDF Navy, General Director of Ministry of Labor & Welfare


Bernitzki Dan, CEO of I. Bernitzki and Sons Inc.


Degani Avi, Prof. CEO, President GCKG


Fisher Gideon LL.M. Cambridge


Geller Etti, volunteer


Guzman Rami, Former Vice President of Motorola Inc.


Guter-Davidson Sara, Former role – Secretary to the Board of Directors, the Israel Electric Company


Har Even Aby, Col (res) – former Director General of the Israel Space Agency (ISA),and head of the Israeli Satellite Launcher Shavit project in IAI


Hemmo Abraham, Owner & C.E.O – H.E.M.O Safety-Center
Former roles: General Lieutenant, Israel Police Force – Head of Juvenile Delinquency Department, District-Governor, Rotary – Zone 2490


Hochman Shalom, Professor, Former CEO OF Mercantil-Discount Bank


Lavee Amos, Financial Advisor, former deputy CEO of the Ministry of Ministry Absorption; deputy manager of the Budgets Department of the Treasury


Levi Yuval, Professor, Yuval Lavi et al. Law Firm


Levite Ziva, Phd. Owner of private psychotherapy clinic, expert on family therapy and on violent courting


Lichtenzon Zeev ,Creative Marketing Communication & Strategy Expert, Chairman of Lichtenzon@Group


Makov Amir, Chairman of the Energy and Environment Institute, former chairman of the Export Institute, CEO of Sonol and of Haifa Chemicals, honorary president of the Commercial and Industrial club


Meron Avraham, Accountant, Advisor


Modai Michal, Honorary Life President World WIZO


Neeman Abraham (ABE), Adv Law Offices


Neeman Moshe, Partner, Shibolet & co.


Orgler Yair , Professor
The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business
Tel Aviv University


Peres Yoni, Phd. Veterinarian, founder and manager of the "Veterinarian Center in the Village" veterinarian hospital


Porath Ziva, Former CEO of the Netanya Development Fund; Former owner and CEO of a Haute Couture Exporting factory


Ross Gideon


Rubin Hanan, Lieutenant Colonel (ret.), education officer, officer at the IDF spokesperson unit, high school teacher and educator, project manager and pedagogic coordinator in the WORLD ORT organization


Sagi Ilana, Adv


Sedbon Yosef, Adv
Major General(Ret.) Israel Police
Head of investigation department and Tel Aviv District commander.
Today Vice President Ramt-Gan College


Shahar Eva, Real estate, arts collector


Usani Amos, Adv


Yaron Eldar Tali, Adv, Partner in the Tadmor Yaron Law Firm, former IRS Commissioner


* Member of Board of Directors