Future Speaker – A National Youth Oratory Contest

On the Topic of "A Secure Future – Free of Violence"

The challenge: youths themselves act to lead social change for creating a world free of violence.

The concept: prevention means saving our children.

Our objectives:
  • To motivate our youth to actively reduce violence and risk behaviors.
  • To develop the skills of public speaking.
  • To encourage personal excellence and social involvement.
  • To activate our youth to lead social change and create a climate free of violence.
The method:
  • An oratory contest is held between students from high schools all around the country.
  • One contestant from each high school goes to the semi-finals; out of all of these the top 10 reach the national finals.
  • The judges are senior public figures who choose the winners according to the contest regulations.
  • The topics of the speeches are chosen by the contestants themselves under the general heading: "Creating a secure future, free of violence".
  • The final contest is broadcast on the "Secure Future" internet website and is open to the general media.
The achievements and outcomes:
  • The youths themselves write and deliver speeches, persuade and lead so as to raise public awareness towards shaping a better society.
  • The contest is carried out in each class; then in the whole grade; and then all-school, so that hundreds of youths are exposed to dozens of speeches, receiving figures on the rate of violence among children and youth, the ways of coping with violence and the significant role of youth in leading change.

"Future Speaker " is an important project in which youths convince, motivate and mobilize other youngsters to play a leading role in building a better, safer future for themselves and for society as a whole.

Your generous contribution will help young spokespersons to help themselves. Prevention means saving our children. The program costs 25,000 $ per year. We thank you on behalf of the youngsters you will be helping.